WJTN News Headlines for Nov. 12, 2019

The latest round of early Winter weather reached the Jamestown-area late last night with freezing rain and sleet turning into all snow....  

This storm moved in from the west by early afternoon... starting as rain.  Late yesterday... Forecaster Dave Zaff in Buffalo noted we may get a couple of inches of Lake Effect snow during the day today.

In fact... it'll be January-like cold... with a high today of only about 22 to 23-degrees in Jamestown.  The low tonight will be in the low to mid-teens.  Zaff says we won't be above freezing again until Thursday... when the forecast high is 37.  We'll be in the mid-30s most of the remainder of the week.

Chautauqua County officials are prepared for the "start of Winter."  

That from County Executive George Borrello in the wake of that Winter Storm Warning that ran through early this morning.  Borrello says their Department of Public Facilities was ready to go yesterday morning with snow plowing and salting operations.

With that winter storm bringing up to 9 or 10 inches of snow to the area, Borrello is urging area residents to be prepared... with the items you need like a snow brush... water, and blankets in case you get stuck somewhere.  If you must travel in an area not yet plowed out... Borrello says make sure you carry a cell phone.

A north county man is facing major charges after an investigation into a domestic incident on Wisteria Drive in the village of Fredonia last Friday....  

Fredonia Police say the female victim suffered apparent stab wounds and was taken to Brooks Memorial Hospital for treatment.  An investigation by police led to the arrest of Leon Lidlow on charges of second-degree assault, first-degree unlawful imprisonment... and, criminal possession of a weapon.  Lidlow was taken to the county jail pending centralized arraignment.  He was later released by the assigned justice to the supervision of probation with an order of protection issued for the stabbing victim.

There were several local ceremonies and services to mark this Veteran's Day around the Jamestown area Monday....

Taps was played with the church bells at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in the background at Third and Main Streets in Jamestown at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, marking the end of World War One.  Jamestown-area veteran's organizations... including the Ira Lou Spring Post #149 took part in the traditional rifle volley.  Post Commander David Joy says it's important to remember the sacrifices of our military veterans.

Joy was happy the weather was good... and, there was a good turn-out of residents, and other veterans.  Several members of the Jamestown High School Marching Band were on hand to play the National Anthem.  After the brief ceremony... members took part in a church service at St. Lukes, and then another service at Soldier's Circle in Lakeview Cemetery.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says application fees for the State University of New York and City University of New York systems will be waived for veterans and their spouses....  

The Democrat announced the new measure this past Sunday.  He says he hopes this change will allow veterans and their families to "take the next steps in adapting back to civilian life."  The SUNY and CUNY systems require applicants to pay a fee ranging from $50 to $65.  The Board of Trustees for both CUNY and SUNY will include resolutions to implement the change at their next board meetings. 

New York City-area Congressman Peter King says he will not seek re-election in 2020....  

The 14-term Republican says in a Facebook post Monday morning that the "prime reason" behind his decision was the commute.  He's represented parts of Long Island since 1993.  The 75-year-old King says he and his wife want "flexibility to spend more time with our children and grandchildren."  He is the former chair of the House Homeland Security Committee. 


WJTN Headlines for Sat., Nov. 9, 2019

Amish girl seriously hurt when commercial truck strikes hatch-back vehicle near Conewango...
An Amish girl is being treated at a Buffalo hospital for a serious leg injury after the car she was riding in near Conewango just after Noon today collided with a commericial truck.  State Police in Jamestown confirm the girl was riding with six other people in the hatch-back vehicle.. which was northbound on Route 83.  Troopers say it appears the truck hit the hatch-back from behind.  The 10 year-old girl was flown to Oshei Children's Hospital in Buffalo... while two other children in the vehicle were taken to Brooks Hospital in Dunkirk.  The driver of the truck was treated for a minor injury.  State police say traffic tickets are being issued... but, the investigation is continuing.

Borrello joined by D.A. Swanson, and police chiefs to call for repealing criminal justice reforms...
State Senator-Elect George Borrello is pushing for a special session of the State Legislature to consider repealing the criminal justice reforms that take effect next Jan. 1.  Borrello has the bi-partisan support of Chautauqua County District Attorney Patrick Swanson, County Sheriff Jim Quattrone and local police officials, who raised concerns about the reforms and the impact on public safety during a news conference today in Mayville.  Borrello says bail reform will wind up sending more criminals back on the streets because bail will no longer be allowed to be set for more than 400 criminal acts.  Swanson says he and many other D-As across the state are concerned about the lack of state funding when it comes to changes in discovery laws... condensing the time for mandatory sharing of evidence to 15-days.  Jamestown Police Chief Harry Snellings says the reforms will lead to many changes in the way drug investigations are carried out because information about informants will have to be shared.  Police Chiefs David Ortolano of Dunkirk and John Bentley of Lakewood-Busti also participated in the news conference, along with Assemblymen Andy Goodell and Joe Giglio.

Republicans across state also expressing outage at Bail Reforms...
Republicans and law enforcement authorities across New York are decrying the overhaul to the state's bail law that will go into effect at the beginning of next year.  Their comments on Thursday deepened the political battle surrounding the implementation of changes to the state's criminal justice system.  State Senator Sue Serino says lawmakers rushed to reform and "failed to consider the very real danger that these sweeping changes will have on communities."  The bail law that passed earlier this year is expected to lessen the number of people held in jail while awaiting trial. 

Chautauqua County Democratic Chairman admits reforms have serious flaws, calls for better work on dealing with cases involving the poor who commit non-violent crimes...
Republican's lack of willingness to try and work with State Legislature Democrats is what led to the liberal overreach of criminal justice reforms in Albany.  That from Chautauqua County Democratic Committee Chairman Norm Green... who agrees the reforms are "seriously flawed."  However... Green says the current system hurt the poor who commit non-violent and non-Felony crimes.  He says a person with no money had no way to get out of jail, and it has led to loss of jobs, and hurt families.  Green says one way to help the situation is to better fund the District Attorney's office to help provide both "speedy discovery, and speedy trials."  He says "poor people in Jamestown and Dunkirk particularly were arraigned and given a later court appearance date with bail for minor non-violent crimes."  He argues that bail "was high enough to ensure that non-violent criminals would cool their collective heals in the county jail because they didn't have the cash to make bail."

Reed on hand to cut ribbon on new Chautauqua Center in Jamestown...
Congressman Reed was on hand for the ribbon-cutting on the new Chautauqua Center in the city of Jamestown's medical corridor.  The Corning Republican was joined by other officials... including State Assemblyman Andy Goodell, and County Executive Geroge Borrello late Thursday afternoon.  Reed says the Center... located at 107 Institute Street... will improve the quaility of care in the Jamestown-area.  He says the center will be able to see 200 patients a day... and he believes that integrated care model will serve them well.  Officials say the center will help "area residents with primary care needs."  The center is federally-funded... and, officials say it wouldn't have been possible to open without federal and state grants.

Reed also visits Fredonia Place to talk with seniors...
Earlier in the day Thursday....  Congressman Reed spoke about the future of social security and Medicare with a group of seniors at Fredonia Place.  During the visit... Reed said he is inspired by the seniors, who have "a lot of wisdom," and are concerned about such programs as Medicare.  The Corning Republican says there are several issues that need attention in Washington, but he says the impeachment inquiry has been taking center stage.  While at Fredonia Place... Reed took a tour of the facility and met with the owners and staff. 



WJTN News Headlines for Nov. 8, 2019

The immediate Jamestown-area is seeing some of it's first significant Lake Effect Snowfall of the season so far through later this morning.  That from Forecaster Jim Mitchell with the National Weather Service in Buffalo... who says we got a quick shot of snow about mid-afternoon Thursday as a cold front passed over the area.

Mitchell says the snow may be heavy at times early this morning.... but, should pretty much come to an end by noon.  However... he says that colder air will stick around through the early part of the weekend... with temperatures about 10 to 15-degrees below normal until Sunday.  

It took about half-an-hour to come about... but, passions exploded over the Impeachment Process during a town hall meeting with local Congressman Tom Reed in Falconer last night....

More than 30 people attended the town hall... one of many hosted by Reed during his tenure in the House of Representatives.  The Corning Republican reiterated his position that President Trump has not commited an "Impeachable Offense" over his dealings with Ukraine -- over the objections of some in the audience.

Reed also turned the tables... noting that former Vice-President Joe Biden admitted to holding up aid to Ukraine in an effort to get an allegedly corrupt prosecutor removed from his position.  One person asked if the whistleblower should be identified... Reed said they should be protected.  However... he added that at some point, he wished the person would come forward to tell their story.

Earlier in the day Thursday....  Congressman Tom Reed spoke about the future of social security and Medicare with a group of seniors at Fredonia Place.  During the visit....  Reed said he is inspired by the seniors.

The Corning Republican says there are several issues that need attention in Washington, but he says the impeachment inquiry has been taking center stage.

While at Fredonia, Reed took a tour of the facility and met with the owners and staff. 

The Buffalo-based bio-pharmaceutical company that's building a major manufacturing facility in the town of Dunkirk is reporting significant third-quarter loses.  However... Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello says... while it's a concern... it has not interfered with the company's plans to build a large manufacturing facility just outside the city of Dunkirk.  Borrello believes there may be two reasons for the $34.8-million loss.  The first is changes to how 403-B injectable drugs are dispensed.

Borrello adds that production could also be an issue.  The Associated Press says Athenex issued the report Thursday morning, adding that the company lost 45-cents per share during that period.  Athenex, which produces an anti-cancer drug, has lost just over 6-percent in the past year.  Athenex's report says the company posted revenues of $19.4-million in the three-month period from July through August.  Borrello adds the company is on-track to open it's north county production facility next July.  He made his comments for this weekend's "Community Spotlight" program on the six Media One Radio Group stations.

Difficulties with soil conditions has forced a delay in finishing construction on the Harrison Street Bridge over the Chadakoin River in Jamestown for another month.  The Chautauqua County Department of Public Facilities updated the multi-million dollar project yesterday morning and, says the replacement was originally scheduled to last about five months.  However, additional construction was required to properly form replacement bridge foundations and, it's now slated for opening in late December. Officials say the contractor is prepared to work through the cold, but extreme winter weather may impact the project further.   As a reminder, Harrison Street between Foote Avenue and Main Street is still closed to  thru-traffic during construction and a detour has been posted at Foote Avenue and Main, 2nd and 4th Streets.  There's also a separate truck detour.  (**Additional details are available on the Chautauqua County's website under Public Facilities.

The city of Dunkirk is looking for a new design to the seawall that was damaged during last week's storm that brought heavy wind and rain.  The announcement was made by City Public Works Director Randy Woodbury during Wednesday's Common Council meeting.  Woodbury says the wall should be redesigned so that it can handle a high wind event like the one that happened on Halloween.

Woodbury says the city has hired engineers from Greenman-Pedersen, who have suggested a $7-million project that would involve building segmented, off-shore breakwaters around the wall to protect it.  However, Mayor Willie Rosas says the city needs to find the necessary funding to be able to use that project.  Woodbury says the engineers have recommended barricades for temporary protection until repairs can be made. 


WJTN News Headlines for Nov. 7, 2019

A fight involving several students at Jamestown High School led to an emergency lockdown for a couple of hours Wednesday morning.  

Jamestown Police Captain Bob Samuelson says officers were called to 350 East Second Street about 10:30 AM for a reported fight inside the school.  Samuelson says two juveniles -- who were actively involved in the altercation -- were detained... and, will likely face charges.  He says police are reviewing surveillance video and charges are pending further investigation.  No one was hurt in the incident.  On the Jamestown school website... district officials said the "emergency lockdown has been activated at Jamestown High School for the safety of our students.  All students are safe."  

A Jamestown man already wanted by police has been arrested for allegedly being found in possession of two stolen guns, and several stolen credit cards.  

City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says officers stopped a vehicle shortly before Noon on Willard Street -- near Barrows -- and found the driver, 24 year-old Daniel Sansom -- was sought on an outstanding warrant.  A search uncovered two stolen hand-guns in a backpack from a burglary on Arlington Avenue Tuesday.  Officers also found the credit cards... which belonged to three different people.  Samuelson says Sansom was also allegedly found with a small quantity of crystal methamphetamine, and prescription medications.  He was arrested on several charges... including two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon... and, five counts of fourth-degree criminal possesion of stolen property.  He was jailed pending arraignment... and, additional charges are expected.

Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello says he could be seated as soon as two-weeks from now as the region's new State Senator.  

Speaking on WJTN yesterday morning... Borrello says they have to wait for Board of Elections certification.  The Irving Republican says he will continue being county executive until then because he wants to make sure his office is ready for the move first.

Once he moves onto the State Senate... Borrello says County Attorney Stephen Abdella will be Acting County Executive, as laid out in the County Charter.  He says a more recent local law allows the county legislature to vote on an Interim Executive put forth by the county GOP.  Once he gets to Albany... Borrello says he would like to being work on what he calls the "First Employee Tax Credit..." which would help sole proprietors grow their business by making their first hire.  He says his first task, though, is to work with other lawmakers to get rid of some of the Justice Reforms passed by Majority Democrats that would allow "cashless bail" in New York state.

Jamestown Mayor-elect Eddie Sundquist says he will soon form a transition team to begin working on his move to Tracy Plaza next January 1st.  

That after Sundquist won Tuesday's election. Sundquist stressed a need for bi-partisanship to move the city forward.

Sundquist will replace the retiring Sam Teresi... who decided earlier this year to not seek another term in office.  The Democrat says he will begin assembling his transition team to work with the Teresi administration to make sure everything runs smoothly.  He adds that they will then begin building his administration team.  Wilfong was gracious in defeat... and, congratulated the new mayor during his concession speech at the Doubletree Hotel Tuesday night. 

There will be a new mayor in the village of Fredonia beginning next January 1st.  

Voters elected Republican Trustee Doug Essek, over incumbent Democrat Athanasia Landis.  Essek says he is looking forward to taking over as mayor.

Dr. Landis says she was bitterly disappointed by the outcome... saying there were potential voters who were "afraid of my accent... and, of "who I am."  She says they "got their wish."  Essek will be working with three Democrats on the Fredonia Village Board, including two incumbents.

 Local Congressman Tom Reed will be hosting a town hall meeting in the village of Falconer later today.  

The Corning Republican will host the hour-long session... giving constituents the opportunity to ask questions, and comment on current issues facing the 23rd Congressional District and nation.  The town hall will be held at the Ellicott Town Hall on South Work Street in Falconer beginning at 5:30 PM.


WJTN News Headlines for Nov. 6, 2019

Here's the latest, unofficial Election Day results..... more info available at the Chautauqua County Board of Elections website.... 

You can now call him State Senator-elect.  Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello was the winner in Tuesday's election to find a replacement for the retired Cathy Young.  Final, district-wide vote totals were not available last night, but Borrello won in Chautauqua County 20,445 to 7,700 for Democrat Austin Morgan.  During his acceptance speeh at GOP Headquarters, Borrello said it will be hard to fill Young's shoes -- but he'll do his best.

Borrello wound up with 72-percent of the vote in Chautauqua County, while Morgan got 28-percent.  Those numbers mirror what happend in the district, where similar numbers were reported with 80-percent of the vote counted.  Borrello says his goal in Albany is to hit the road running and, make sure the 57th District's values are represented in Albany.  According to the Associated Press,  tallies in all 215 precincts are 41,410 for Borello and 16,454 for Morgan.

Democrats have held onto the mayor's office in Jamestown,  but may have lost the City Council.  Democrat Eddie Sundquist won the Mayor's race with 2,519 votes to defeat Republican David Wilfong, who received 1,959.  At Democratic headquarters last night, Sundquist said he was pleased, and humbled by the support he received during the campaign.

Sundquist will replace the retiring Sam Teresi, who decided earlier this year to not seek an unprecidented sixth-term in office.  Wilfong was gracious in defeat and, congratulated the new mayor during his concession speech at the Doubletree Hotel, and pledged his support.  Libertarian long-shot candidate, At Large Councilman Andrew Liuzzo, was a distant third last night with 574 votes.  Sundquist ended up with just under 50-percent of the vote.

Right now... Republicans hold a slim 5-to-4 majority on the City Council after Republicans Grant Olson and Jeff Russell won seats.  Olson unseated incumbant Democrat Maria Jones in Ward-Five, 495-to-397.  Russell won an at-large seat with 2,483 votes.  Incumbant Republican Kim Ecklund received the most votes -- 2,721.  The third seat was won by Democrat Tamu Graham-Reinhardt with 2,173 votes.  In Ward-One, though, incumbant Republican Brent Sheldon holds a slim, 7-vote lead over Democrat Tim Smeal.  That race will come down to absentees.

It was a clean-sweep of races in the town of Busti and Village of Lakewood on Election night, as Village Trustee Randy Holcomb won the mayor's race over Acting Mayor Ted McCague.  Holcomb received 517 votes to McCague's 375.  He acknowledged long-time Busti Republican Chairwoman Nel Tarbrake who was key in getting him involved as a high schooler.

Holcomb says he was very pleased to see running mates Ellen Barnes, and Rich Fischer also win seats on the village board.  He says that means there will be five registered Republicans governing the village starting next year.

In Busti, Republican Jesse Robbins was elected to a third-term over Democratic challenger Rudy Mueller.  Robbins received 1,170 votes to Mueller's 982 tallies.  In addition to Robbins, Republican Jim Andrews was elected, along with newcomer Paul Gustafson to the town board.

In other races from Election Day, Republicans will continue their hold on the Chautauqua County Legislature, with some newcomers being elected.  Republican Bill Ward won a three-way race for the District 18 seat.  Ward received 854 votes to incumbant Cornerstone Party member Martin Proctor's 441 votes.  Rick Syper was third with 205 tallies.  IN District 6, Republican Thomas Harmon upset incumbant Democrat Kevin O'Connell, 855-to-789.  

There will be a new mayor in the village of Falconer, as Democrat James Jaroszynski won over Republican Carm Catanese, 229-to-121.  In Fredonia, incumbant Republican Athanasia Landis was defeated by Democratic Village Board member, Doug Essek, one-thousand-251 to one-thousand-113.

In the Town of Carroll, former Town Supervisor Russ Payne won over incumbant Laura Smith, 691-to-466.

New York's beleaguered Republican Party is seeing a decreasing number of registered voters....  

The latest state Board of Elections data shows the state's GOP has seen a drop of over 18,000 Republican active voters since November 2016.  Meanwhile, New York has about 2.6-million active Republicans as of November 1st.  Meanwhile, nearly 6 million active voters are registered as Democrats in New York -- an increase of over 270,000 voters from 5.6-million in November 2016.  Democrats now represent 50.4% of New York active voters.  Roughly 3.2 million of New York City's 4.7 million voters are Democrats, who are increasingly gaining ground in suburban counties once considered Republican strongholds.  Turnout numbers on Tuesday could indicate how tough of a road Democrats and Republicans running for Congress will face in 2020.


WJTN News Headlines for Nov. 5, 2019

Three people were hurt in a two-car crash at a town of Busti intersection Monday afternoon....  

Lakewood-Busti Police were called to the scene at Howard Avenue and Baker Street Extension shortly after 3 PM and, found that a southbound vehicle on Howard ran the stop sign at the intersection with Baker and, struck a westbound car on Baker.  Officers say the second vehicle, operated by a 70 year-old Jamestown man, rolled over from the side impact.  It landed back upright.  The man and his wife and, the other driver, a 56 year-old woman from Russell, Pennsylvania, were all taken to UPMC Chautauqua Hospital.  All three suffered non-life threatening injuries.  The unidentfied woman was charged with Failure to Stop at a stop sign..

Chautauqua County election officials were generally pleased with the way early voting went in the county.  That from Republican Elections Commissioner Brian Abram...

Abram says a total of just over 3,800 voters participated and, very few problems were reported.  Voting will be from 6 AM to 9 PM today  at all 50 polling locations in Chautauqua County.  Abram reminds voters in West Ellicott that there will be a change in a polling location. Voters are now voting at the Resource Center, rear entrance, 200 Dunham Avenue.  More information is available at VoteChautauqua dot-com.  We will also have coverage tonight on WJTN after the polls close at 9 PM.

There are several major local races today... with three candidates vying for the mayor of Jamestown....  

With incumbant Sam Teresi retiring at the end of the year... Eddie Sundquist will have the Democratic line on the ballot.  Current County Legislator David Wilfong is the endorsed Republican candidate and, At-Large City Councilman Andy Liuzzo is running on the Libertarian line.  All nine City Council seats are also up for a vote tonight.  Elsewhere, current Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello is on the ballot but, as a candidate for the 57th State Senate seat.  The seat was vacated earlier this year with the retirement of long-time Republican lawmaker, Cathy Young.  Opposing Borrello is Freedom Democrat Austin Morgan.

The entire County Legislature is also on today's ballots, with all 19 seats up for a vote.  There is also an election for mayor and two village board seats in the village of Lakewood.  Republican trustee Randy Holcomb is opposing Democratic Deputy Mayor Ted McCague in the mayor's race.  There is also a supervisor's race in the town of Busti with incumbant Republican Jesse Robbins being opposed by Democratic Town Councilman Rudy Mueller, as well as the four board seats.

The Jamestown City Council heard from three more departments during last night's review of Mayor Sam Teresi's 2020 budget proposal....  

However, the biggest news about the spending plan came later in the meeting when Comptroller Joe Bellitto reviewed potential savings on prescription drug costs, and potential manufacturer rebates.  Finance Committee Chairman Tony Dolce says they could see as much as a $357,000 savings.  However, Dolce says they are looking more realistically at $150,000.

Dolce says the third-quarter sales tax figure will be a gauge towards whether to move ahead and, cut $150,000 out of next year's budget.  Right now, the $36.6-million spending plan includes a slight tax levy increase and, no increase in the tax rate.  The city is currently at it's constitutional taxing limit.  Lawmakers reviewed the Public Works, Parks and Comptroller's budgets for next year.

After more than five decades... Chadakoin Park on Jamestown's northside has received a new name and, it was unveiled yesterday morning....

The families of the late Isabelle Jackson and, Lula and Vivian Taylor, joined Mayor Sam Teresi to unveil the first sign for the new Jackson-Taylor Park sign on Washington Street at it's main entrance.  A resolution officially renaming the park was unanimously approved earlier this year by the City Council.  Council President Marie Carrubba says it speaks to the respect and love the community had for all three.
Isabelle Jackson was an administrator and counselor for more than 30 years at Jamestown Community College, while Vivian and Lula Taylor served in city and Chautauqua County government for more than 20 years.  Their grandson, Michael, followed his grandfather as Ward-Three Councilman and, says naming the rejuvenated park after all three is appropriate.

A Jamestown man was arrested following a domestic violence investigation early Saturday morning..... 

City Police responded to a residence on Chapman Street shortly before 10 AM and, learned 32 year-old Travis Spencer allegedly head-butted an unidentified victim several times in front of a child.  Officers say Spencer is also accused of violating an Order of Protection and, was sent to the city jail pending arraignment.  He faces charges including harassment, aggravated family offense, first-degree criminal contempt and endangering the welfare of a child. 

Toddlers now have to be placed in rear-facing car seats under a new law in New York...

The law came into effect at the start of November.  State officials say New York must ensure young children are protected in the event of a crash or sudden stop.  The law applies to all children under the age of two.  State officials advice against buying used child safety seats that could be expired or missing parts.  Drivers should also get car seats checked at safety events or a local fitting events to ensure children are properly restrained in cars.

In Chautauqua County, the next Child Safety Seat Check is this Saturday, November 9th, from 10 AM to 2 PM, at the Ashville Fire Department.  For more information, contact Peter Ambrose at 679-5584.


WJTN News Headlines for Nov. 4, 2019

A smokey fire in the service area of a northside car dealership in Jamestown kept city fire crews busy late last Saturday night and early Sunday morning....  

Fire Battalion Chief Chris Dahlgren says crews were called to Dave Warren Chrysler-Jeep at 1001 Washington Street shortly after 10:30 PM when a passerby saw smoke coming from the roof, and called 9-1-1.

Dahlgren says firefighters laid one hose-line from a hydrant across Washington Street to attack the flames.  He says they were able to deal with the service using the hose but, had to get the the upstairs fire through the attic area of the building.  Dahlgren says fire damage was confined to a small area, near the service area.   He says an off-duty shift was called to the scene to assist.  Dahlgren says no one was hurt, and, crews were at the scene about six hours.  He adds that Dave Warren himself, and two others from the business were on hand to help the firefighting effort.  The cause appears accidental.

Less than 40 National Grid customers in Chautauqua County were still experiencing power outages late yesterday from the two-day high wind and rain storms of late last week... 

Chautauqua is one of 11 upstate counties that have had States of Emergency declared in the wake of last Thursday night and Friday mornings wind storms that struck the region.  Governor Andrew Cuomo issued the declarations early Friday as heavy rains and high winds caused flooding and power outages throughout most of the state.  Cuomo says the extreme weather caused nearly 60 roads closures across the state and, left more than 240-thousand buildings or homes without power.  The Governor deployed 200 members of the National Guard to assist localities with response and clean-up operations.  Here in the county, there were several evacuations in the Sunset Bay Area of Lake Erie, and, there was shoreline damage in the Dunkirk and Fredonia areas.

The unveiling of the new "Lance Corporal Aaron Swanson Memorial Highway" in Lakewood was a bittersweet day for his family, friends and fellow members of the U-S Marines.... 

Route 394 in the village was officially renamed in Swanson's memory late last week, and it was attended by several people.  Retired State Senator Cathy Young told Swanson's family that renaming the road was a fitting tribute to his memory.

Several members of Swanson's unit in Afghanistan were also on hand.  One, Sergeant Alex Andrest, manned their combat vehicle with him, except for the February day in 2011 that Swanson was killed by a roadside bomb.  Andrest had fond recollections of Swanson as a friend and fellow solider... and, a man whose mechanical abilities came in handy when their vehicles needed work done on them.  Local Blue Star Mothers Chapter President Sue Rowley was also on hand... and, related the story about presenting Swanson's family with their "Gold Star" banner when his body was returned stateside. 

A Jamestown area man is charged with criminal mischief after allegedly damaging property at the Wal-Mart SuperCenter in Lakewood late last week... 

Lakewood-Busti Police were called to the scene at 350 East Fairmount Avenue about 3:30 PM Friday on a report of a man damaging property belonging to the store and, arrested Devin Smith.  Smith was later searched and, found in possession of three hypodermic needles.  He was also charged with criminally possessing a hypodermic instrument, and issued appearance tickets for Busti Town Court at a later date.

A woman who has worked as an administrator in recent years in the Sherman Central School District has been named as the new superintendent for the Pine Valley School District....  

The district reports the school board has approved a 3.5-year contract with Bryna Moritz-Booth, beginning December 1st.  Board President Jeffrey Chase says Booth "has an outstanding record of administrative experience – having served in a multitude of roles with amazing outcomes for students.  Her energy and commitment to the Pine Valley school community, coupled with her educational leadership and willingness to engage stakeholders, will serve 
our students and community well."  Booth worked in Sherman the past decade and, has been Pre-K-through-12 Principal and Director of Special Education since July of 2016.  Booth attended Pine Valley from Kindergarten through 8th grade.  She says she's excited about returning to the district that "formed so much of who I am."

A credit ratings agency says the lack of a plan for toll increases on the New York State Thruway, and on the new Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge in the Hudson Valley, could endanger the road's bond rating and borrowing costs....  

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports that Moody's Investors Service is suggesting that tolls will have to go up by 2022.  A moratorium on toll increases on the thruway and the bridge is set to expire at the end of 2020.  The Thruway Authority could need an additional $53-million to cover its costs by 2022.  Current Governor Andrew Cuomo has used $2-billion in settlements from Wall Street firms to bail out the authority.  The authority hopes to save $300 million on bridge debt through refinancing.


WJTN Headlines for Sat., Nov. 2, 2019

Rt. 394 in Lakewood named in honor of Marine Corp. killed in Afghanistan...
A permanent legacy has been established in the village of Lakewood for a member of the armed forces who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country.  Retired State Senator Cathy Young was back in town Friday to help with the renaming of Route 394 in the village to the "Lance Corporal Aaron M. Swanson Memorial Highway..." giving him that legacy.  Young first introduced legislation last year to rename a portion of the highway after Swanson.  A colleague of Young's picked up sponsorship of the measure this year... along with local Assemblyman Andy Goodell.  Goodell says he didn't know Aaron... but, knew about his love of his community and, favorite activities... such as playing football, working on cars, and being in the Boy Scouts.  Young and Goodell helped unveil a model of the Lance Corporal Aaron M. Swanson Memorial Highway sign that'll go on Route 394 during the dedication ceremony at the Lakewood American Legion Friday afternoon.  Several local, state and county officials were on hand... and they were joined by several members of Swanson's unit in Afghanistan.  Swanson was killed on February 7 of 2011 by a roadside bomb during combat operations in Helmend Province in Afghanistan.

County Executive says most of Thursday night-Friday morning storm damage in the north county...
Chautauqua County's top-elected official says he is reaching out to state and federal officials following the high winds that have caused extensive damage along portions of the Lake Erie shoreline.  County Executive George Borrello says the high winds, with gusts over 60 m.p.h., have caused a lot damage.  Among the worst hit areas, he says, is the city of Dunkirk, where emergency services staff are working on the issues that need to be addressed.  Borrello says the wave action from the high winds caused "significant" damage to the sea wall along Lakefront Boulevard and some "minor" damage to the newly renovated City Pier.  The county official says he is reaching out to state and federal officials to look into possible disaster assistance... for damage to sea walls and other breakwater systems.  The National Weather Service reports that wind gusts reached 61 m.p.h. near Fredonia, 54 m.p.h. at the County airport in Jamestown and 53 m.p.h. at the Dunkirk airport.  Both the High Wind and Lakeshore Flood Warnings have been lifted. 

Severe weather impacting much of Upstate NY Region...
More than 240,000 customers were without power in New York and a driver swept away by flood waters was found dead after a night of heavy rain and wind gusts of up to 70 m.p.h.  State officials say the unidentified driver was traveling through a flooded area in the Herkimer County town of Norway on Thursday night and was swept away after leaving his vehicle.  The body was recovered Friday.  Police in the nearby village of Dolgeville deployed a boat in fast-running water to rescue six people from a home.  Governor Andrew Cuomo said Friday that several hundred people were evacuated around the state because of high waters.  The Journal News says a 9-year-old girl suffered fractures when a tree fell on her while she was trick-or-treating Thursday in New Rochelle.

Jamestown political leaders aware of fake door hanger political signs, but, still trying to determine who put them up...
Political signs falsely claiming that apartment rents will increase in the city of Jamestown if residents vote for Democratic candidates in the election are being denounced by both Republican and Democratic Committee Chairmen.  The local campaigns are trying to determine who committed what is considered a campaign violation.  Democratic Chairman Jim Walton tells use that he was alerted to the "door hanger" campaign flyer by a relative.  The sign falsely claims that Democratic leaders in the city have proposed a landlord tax on each apartment in Jamestown.  The signs also incorrectly state that landlords may raise rent as much as $30 a month and there could be inspections inside city apartments.  City Republican Committee Chairman Brent Sheldon wasn't aware of the matter until he was contacted by the Post-Journal about the matter.  Sheldon says no Republicans were involved as far as he knows.  The flyers do not identify who was responsible.

City man arrested for sex offense in city, and town of Busti...
A Jamestown man has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a juvenile victim in the city of Jamestown and Town of Busti in early September.  Sheriff's officers were called to investigate a suspicious situation jointly with the Jamestown, and Lakewood-Busti Police Departments.  Deputies say the investigation showed that 37 year-old William Morse had in an inappropriate relationship with the juvenile victim.  Morse was issued appearance tickets for Jamestown City, and Busti Town Courts for one count of forcible touching and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Gerry man arrested for head-butting another person during domestic incident...
A man from the Town of Gerry was arrested for allegedly harrassing a person during a domestic incident on Wednesday. State Police responded to a residence in Gerry.... and, learned 50 year-old Robert Gardner made intentional contact with the unidentified victim about four times... including head-butting the victim.  Gardner was taken into custody for second-degree harrassment and sent to the County Jail.



WJTN News Headlines for Nov. 1, 2019

All of Western New York remains under a High Wind Warning through 1 this afternoon.  

Chautauqua and Erie counties are also under a Lakeshore Flood Warning for the same time period.  The Lake Erie shoreline is bracing for its second round of strong winds in less than a week and the wind event on Sunday caused some damage along the waterfront in the city of Dunkirk.  Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock with the National Weather Service in Buffalo says winds will be stronger in this latest event, with wind gusts of 60 to 65 MPH possible.

Hitchcock says the damaging winds will also cause more wave action on Lake Erie, with southwest winds pushing the water to the shoreline, and causing some shoreline erosion as well.  No major damage or incidents were reported in the Jamestown area overnight, but There are power outages around the area.  National Grid reports about 600 without power in Chautauqua County and nearly 600 in Cattaraugus County.  NYSEG has about 200 customers in the dark in Chautauqua County and about 70 in Cattaraugus County.

A Buffalo-area man was seriously hurt and one person died a car crash in the Cattaraugus County town of East Otto Wednesday afternnoon.  

Sheriff's deputies in Little Valley responded to the crash -- with passengers trapped inside the vehicle -- on East Otto-Springville Road about 4:30 PM.  Officers say 56 year-old Terry Francis of Tonawanda reportedly lost control of the car and veered off the east shoulder of the roadway.  The vehicle continued along a ditch for several hundred feet before going airborne over a creek... and, coming to rest in the embankment on the other side of the creek bed.  Officers say Francis was flown to the Erie County Medical Center... while, an unidentified passenger was pronounced dead at the scene.  East Otto-Springville Road was shutdown for several hours after the accident for scene re-construction.  Deputies say the investigation is on-going.... and, no charges have been filed at this time. 

Chautauqua County is in the top-five counties for percentage of voter turn-out for Early Voting's first-time in New York State.  

That from County Democratic Elections Commissioner Norm Green... who says more than 2,400 people had cast ballots at the three polling locations by mid-afternoon Thursday.  Green says only two other counties had a higher percentage of eligible voters taking part.

Green says he expects to see total voter turn-out exceed 2,500 by the end of the day.  He says both he and Republican Commissioner Brian Abram are happy with what they've seen.  Green adds that you can still vote early each day through Sunday... and, he says all you have to do is go to one of the three polling sites, and present your driver's license or other ID.  Voting runs 10 AM to 6 PM again today at the Chautauqua Mall in Lakewood... The County Fairgrounds in Dunkirk... and the Board of Elections in Mayville.  Hours will be from Noon to 5 PM on Saturday and Sunday.  For more information... go on-line to VoteChautauqua.com

Chautauqua County residents taking part in Early Voting this week are getting a glimpse of what voting may look like in the future.....  

Those are the feelings of Democratic Elections Commissioner Norm Green... who says the electronic poll books they are now using will be used from here on... starting with next years presidential primaries.

However... Green says when someone signs in... the electronic poll book will be used to find you name quickly... and, get you the correct ballot to be used to cast your ballot.  For Election Day next Tuesday, though, the current poll books will be used one last time.

A pair of prominent Democrats in New York state are endorsing local Democrat Eddie Sundquist in his run for mayor of Jamestown.... 

In a printed release late Thursday... Sundquist's campaign said he's received the full backing of Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul... and, U-S Senator Charles Schumer.  Hochul says Sundquist "is the leader the city of Jamestown needs to keep up the momentum of economic growth."  Schumer says “Jamestown is experiencing development that it hasn't seen in decades, and I firmly believe that Eddie Sundquist is the best possible candidate to build upon this momentum." 

A Jamestown man has been arrested for allegeldy being seen dragging a woman he had been ordered to stay away from along a street in West Ellicott....  

Ellicott Town Police say they were called to the scene on Frederick Boulevard Wednesday... and, found that the suspect, 29 year-old Mark Watson, was detained by Lakewood-Busti Police at the scene.  Police say Watson was caught after leaving the home through a window.  He was arrested for second-degree criminal contempt, and take to the county jail pending arraignment.


WJTN News Headlines for Oct. 31, 2019

Forecasters are calling for wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour tonight through Friday night.... 

With that, Chautauqua County residents are being warned to use caution and be prepared.  County Executive George Borrello says the county is making preparations in advance of a storm that is expected to arrive this evening.  Borrello says this storm will not only produce the risk of flooding along the immediate Lake Erie shoreline, but also a greater risk of downed trees and power lines across the area.  Borrello says people should be prepared to be without power once the storm arrives and precautions should be taken if that happens. 

Members of Congress are slated to vote tomorrow on whether to begin formal Impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives....  

Local Congressman Tom Reed reiterated this morning that he will vote against the proceedings because he doesn't believe anything President Trump has done rises to the level of "an Impeachable Offense."  However, the Corning Republican isn't absolving the president of any wrong doing.  From what he's seen, there may be a Federal Elections Commission violation.

Reed adds that Democrats should be cautious in continuing down the Impeachment path, because of what happened with the Impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.  He says, while the president committed perjury regarding having sex with an intern, he doesn't feel it was an "Impeachable offense."  Reed says today's vote will put House members on the record as to whether they support impeachment or not.  House impeachment investigators heard Wednesday from two Ukraine experts who work at the State Department.  They are appearing the day after a National Security Council Army colonel told lawmakers that he expressed concern twice about the Trump administration's effort to persuade Ukraine to investigate Democrats. 

The current Continuing Resolution keeping the federal government operating is set to expire in early November but, work is continuing to get another in place before the deadline....  

Local Congressman Tom Reed, who is a minority member of the House Ways and Means Committee, says leaderships is working hard, and he says he's "confident" that a new CR will be approved soon.  President Trump has voiced frustration with having to keep government going with Continuing Resolutions.  However, Reed says -- like Congress -- the White House also wants to avoid another government shut-down.  The Corning Republican made his comments during his weekly conference call with regional media.

Allen 'Skip' Yahn, a man who's been influencial in the success of Holiday Valley, and two local breweries, was honored Wednesday evening by the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation....  

Yahn joined the board at Holiday Valley in 1968, serving for a time as general manager beginning in 1974.  In addition, he was chairman of the board for the corporation that runs Holiday Valley for nearly 25 years.  During that time, a son-in-law brought him a plan to start a brewery, and Yahn got in on the ground floor with both Ellicottville and Southern Tier Brewing.  As to the keys to his success, Yahn said, "You invest in good people, and give them a chance to run, developing the business with them."  Last night's event was held at the Robert H. Jackson Center.  Skip Yahn said he was pleased and flattered by the recognition. It concluded with the a Greg Peterson interview of Skip Yahn in the Cappa Theater there.   

A city man wanted on Felony warrants was arrested following a short foot chase on Jamestown's southside last Monday afternoon.... 

City police say they were trying to speak with 20 year-old Ricky Myers near 215 South Main Street about 1:30 PM but, when it was confirmed Myers had felony warrants through city court, he allegedly ran off on foot.  Police say the chase ended a short distance away, and Myers was taken into custody on the warrants for charges including second-degree menacing, second-degree assault and obstruction. 

New York's senior U-S Senator is calling on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to "get a move on..." and release a report on the safety impacts of new technology on school buses....  

Specially, Democrat Chuck Schumer says the report should provide insight on how stop sign cameras will help discourage motorists from passing stopped school buses.  Schumer says the NHTSA's report should have been released about this time a year ago.

Schumer says some 50,000 drivers in the upstate region illegally pass stopped school buses on a daily basis, putting student riders in serious peril.  He says his office has received no good reason for the delay but, he believes it's due to cutbacks by the administration.  He says New York is one of 21 states that allows cameras to be used voluntarily.  Schumer says 2.3-million upstate students travel by bus daily and, the report may help provide the background for the federal government to provide some help to districts who want to put stop sign cameras in place.

A former college football player suffering from early dementia is among those urging New York state legislators to ban tackle football for children 12 years of age and younger...  

T.J. Abraham, a 42-year-old doctor, testified Tuesday at a state Assembly committee hearing in Manhattan.  He talked about the brain damage that he says has destroyed his medical practice and everyday life.  The New York State Assembly's health committee also heard doctors and other experts talk about a possible ban that lawmakers have yet to formalize.  The proposal follows a Boston University study reporting that children who play tackle football may develop cognitive, behavioral and mood problems.  Scott Hallenbeck, the executive director of USA Football, argued that his national governing body has made the sport safer than ever with protective measures for young athletes.


WJTN News Headlines for Oct. 30, 2019

An infestation of Norwegian rats has prompted the Chautauqua County Board of Health to declare the former Farmers Mill property in the village of Sherman a "public health nuisance."  

Mark Stow with the county's Department of Health and Human Services says the business closed in late May, and because many food sources were left behind, the mill made an ideal home for the rodents.

Stow says the owners of the property have been put on notice by the health board.  He says if the owners don't do anything to take action, the county's Board of Health will step in.  If that happens, Stow says the county will then try to recoup the costs from owners.


A Westfield man is accused of sexually abusing a juvenile victim this past Spring in the town of Westfield...  

Sheriff's officers are releasing few details but, say 33 year-old Derek Smith was arrested at a location on Route 20 following an investigation by the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division.  Deputies say they found that Smith engaged in sexual acts with the youth back on June 6th.  He was arraigned in Westfield Town Court yesterday on a charge of second-degree of sexual abuse, and sent to the county jail pending further court action.

A fight involving a metal baseball bat led to the arrest of two women on assault and harassment charges on Jamestown's northside late last weekend....  

City police were called to the scene at 246 Fulton Street about 10 AM Sunday and spoke with the male victim, who said his roommate, 26 year-old Grace Rentas, punched him in the face.  He also told officers that another roommate, 30 year-old Keishla Rosario, then stuck him several times with the baseball bat.  Officers say the man was not seriously hurt and, got away to call police.  Rosario is charged with Felony second-degree assault, while Rentas is charged with second-degree harassment.

Chautauqua County Clerk Larry Barmore is again asking Jamestown officials to create some free parking spots near the Department of Motor Vehicles Office on West Third Street....  

Barmore spoke during Monday night's City Council voting session, noting that he realized lawmakers could not designate the spots for "DMV" parking only.  He then asked for some free spots for one-hour.

Barmore says having one hour parking would be a big help to avoiding traffic congestion in their small, off-street parking area.  Mayor Sam Teresi says the Public Works Departments Traffic Division will look into the matter and, get back to his office with a final decision.  Barmore says the cramped parking area at the Jamestown DMV Office has led to a number of minor traffic accidents, especially when larger vehicles -- like sports utility vehicles and trucks -- try to park in that lot.

The decision to close by the owners of a restaurant in Jamestown's Brooklyn Square is disappointing news to the city's Mayor....  

Sam Teresi says he's saddened by the closing of Jimmy's Family Restaurant at North Main and Harrison Streets after being open about three months.  The eatery opened to much fanfare this past Summer.  Teresi says it appears that some costs that were not foreseen were an issue.  He says they'll re-start efforts to fill the location.

City Development Director Vince DeJoy was the principal owner of the operation.  DeJoy has operated restaurants previously... and, decided to reopen the former Friendly's location after that closed without prior notice back in April.  DeJoy said he was laying out $155,000 to open the new location and, had received a $55,000 loan from the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency to help the effort.  City officials stressed that no city funding was used in opening the new restaurant.

A city man is being held for allegedly driving while impaired with drugs in his possession last Friday in the Town of Busti.....  

State Police in Jamestown say 47 year-old Ryan Robertson was pulled over on Hunt Road for a traffic violation and after failing several sobriety tests, was arrested.  While being searched... Troopers say he was allegedly found with two bags of methamphetamine, a pipe containing meth residue, four Percocet pills and three marijuana cigarettes.  Police took Robertson into custody, and a Drug Recognition Expert determined he was under the influence of a central nervous stimulant.  He was also found to have had his driving privileges revoked multiple times for alcohol-related offenses.  A blood test was done on Robertson at UPMC Chautauqua Hospital, and he was then taken to the county jail.


WJTN News Headlines for Oct. 29, 2019

Lawmakers in Jamestown have overwhelmingly voted in favor of moving ahead on buying about one-and-a-half million dollars worth of new vehicles and equipment for the Public Works and Parks Departments....  

The purchases will be under the Smart City Capital Improvement Program brought forward two months ago.  City Councilman Tony Dolce says they were acting on a lot of information brought foward by the Teresi Administration.

Lawmakers approved two of the items purchase unanimously and, eight others 7-to-1 with At-large Councilman Andrew Liuzzo voting no.  Liuzzo again stated that he felt the new mayor and council who will take office next January should have the final say, because they will be paying back borrowing for those purchases.  He said he had no problem with using $30,000 for contingency to pay for a new tractor for DPW since the city will self-fund that purchase.  However, Liuzzo did vote to borrow the money for a $220,000 grader to replace one Councilman Brent Sheldon said is so old that parts "can't be found" anymore.  

A semi-retired city of Jamestown employee has been appointed to the Board of Public Utilities after a recent member left the area for a new job....  

Mayor Sam Teresi recently appointed interim City Clerk James Olson to the BPU to fill out the remaining two-years on the term of Tyler Case.  Teresi was pleased to see Olson's appointment was then confirmed by the City Council.

Olson replaced Todd Thomas earlier this year after Thomas accepted a new position following Teresi's decision not to run for re-election.  Tyler Case has left the area to take a Human Resources position with Penn State University's School of Medicine in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Case had also been a member of the Jamestown Local Development Corporation, and was on the city's Salary Review Commission.

A Jamestown man has been arrested for allegedly harassing a person during a domestic incident on the city's northside and, threatening to kill police officers while in custody Sunday afternoon.....  

City police say they responded to the Robo Enterprise on North Main Street just before 4:30 PM and, learned the suspect fled the scene on foot.  Officers say 34 year-old Darius Coleman reportedly attempted to ignite a stream of gas from the nozzle, using a Bic lighter, toward the unidentified victim, who was unharmed in the incident.  Coleman was located a short distance away and taken into custody.  But... he allegedly tried to flee.  Once back in the City Jail, police say Coleman spit in an officer's face and threatened them.  He's being held pending arraignment on charges including two-counts of second-degree harassment.

New Yorkers are flocking to greet a new arrival to the city -- Wegmans grocery store...

The popular regional chain officially opened its first New York City outpost Sunday, a 74,000 square foot store at the Brooklyn Navy Yard with more than 500 employees.  Despite the rain Sunday, crowds turned out to take a look at a selection the company says includes almost 50,000 items.  It's the 101st store for Wegmans, which was founded over a century ago in Rochester, New York, and is still family-owned.  Wegmans has more than 40 stores in other parts of New York state, including West Ellicott.  There are also store locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.  Another store is being planned for Westchester County.

A group of upstate New York district attorneys is expressing concerns over how to implement rule changes that aim to give defendants more information about their case....  

The prosecutors made the comments Monday in Albany during a hearing on the law's implementation.  The changes go into effect at the beginning of next year.  The prosecutors say they don't have the funds to implement the changes to the legal process known as discovery.  Prosecutors will be required to turn over discovery information within 15 days after an arraignment under the law, but there are exceptions.  For instance, the prosecution can be given another 30 days if there's a large amount of information.  Rensselaer County District Attorney Mary Pat Donnelly says the reforms as drafted are not practical.


WJTN News Headlines for Oct. 28, 2019

Gusty overnight winds early Sunday morning led to a number of scattered power outages and most people had their service restored by late morning....  

The Chautauqua County Sheriff's office confirmed the biggest outage was in the village of Westfield, which has it's own power system.  The outage there began about 3 AM Sunday and, power was finally restored shortly before Noon-time.  The cause was not immediately known, but, it led to a number of business closings and other cancellations.  Outages were scattered otherwise Sunday, with only two outages still reported about Noon-time in the Jamestown area, affecting about 44 National Grid customers.

A restaurant opened in Brooklyn Square last July by the city of Jamestown's Development Director has officially closed as of Sunday....  

Jimmy's Hometown Restaurant -- primarily financed by Development Director Vince DeJoy -- opened to much fanfare after the former Friendly's Restaurant closed in early April.  A sign on the front door thanked patrons for their business during the restaurant's brief run but, there was no explanation for the closing.  Friendly's was closed with no prior notice.  The move was reportedly part of a series of closings affecting up to two dozen Friendly's locations across upstate New York.  DeJoy put up most of the money used to re-open the location but, also received a $55,000 loan from the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency's Community Revolving Loan Fund. 

The state's first-ever early balloting period started Saturday... and more than 500 people cast ballots in Chautauqua County...  

That from County Elections Commissioner Norm Green, who says the most voters -- 301 -- cast ballots Saturday at the County Fairgrounds in Dunkirk.  Green says there 186 early voters at the Chautauqua Mall in Lakewood and, 34 registered voters who cast ballots at the Board of Elections headquarters in Mayville.  He says the total came to 501 early voters among the 76-thousand active, registered voters in the county.  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio cast his early ballot in Brooklyn and hailed the ease of the process and lack of long lines.  The Democrat said it was "a whole new world."  Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul voted in Buffalo on Saturday.  New York is a latecomer to early voting.  All but 12 states already had it. Advocates hope expanded ballot box access will increase turnout.  Early voting continues through next Sunday, November 3rd.


County lawmakers have unanimously approved a new, six-year contract with the union representing full and part-time corrections officers and dispatchers....  

Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello says there are pay increases in the contract but, he adds that employees will be going onto a higher deductable health insurance plan. There are 128-members of the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Employees Association.  Borrello ways the six-year agreement replaces one that expired at the end of 2017. 


The Boil Water Order for portions of the town of Busti and, Orchard Road in West Ellicott has now been lifted....  

The Chautauqua County Health and Human Services Department late this morning lifted the order, which first went into effect early last Thursday night.  The affected area included portions of the town of Busti south of Hunt Road between Big Tree Road and Southwestern Drive; and Orchard Road in West Ellicott.  Hunt Road itself was not affected.  Water samples collected Friday and Saturday from the affected areas showed the water was safe to drink and be used for all purposes.  A water main leak at the Board of Public Utilities' Shadyside Road Water Pump Station led to the Boil Water Order.


Two people were hurt -- one seriously -- in a one-car crash blamed on driving while under the influence of drugs in the town of Ellery late last week....  

Sheriff's officers responded to the scene on Route 430 -- near Lin Avenue -- just after 1:30 PM Friday after reports of a car going off the road and hitting a tree.  Deputies say the driver, 42 year-old Walter Whitfield of Celoron, went off the road and hit the tree head-on.  Fire rescuers were able to pull Whitfield out of the vehicle, but a hurst tool had to be used to get his passenger, 33 year-old Barbara Houser of Stockton, out of the vehicle.  Whitfield is in stable condition at UPMC Chautauqua Hospital, while Houser had to be flown to UPMC Hamot in Erie, Pennsylvania with serious injuries.  Whitfield is charged with failure to keep right, second-degree Aggravated Unlicensed Operation after having 10 previous suspensions, and Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs.  He and Houser were both charged with seventh-degree criminal possession of a Controlled Substance.  (**Further charges are pending further investigation of the crash. Anyone with additional information is asked to call the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office at 753-2131.)


Busti Town Supervisor Jesse Robbins is clarifying details about the town's recently approved 2020 budget in the wake of what he says is misleading information...  

Robbins says the town board recently approved the spending plan, which includes a $1.19-million  levy.  However, he says his opponent in the November 5th election says he's been raising taxes.  Robbins says that's not the truth and, pointed to the rate falling 21-cents after a new library taxing district was put into effect.

In addition, Robbins says his opponent, Democratic Town Board member Rudy Mueller, is adding in totals from the 19 special districts in the town.  He says six of those are lighting districts but, he adds that a recent state Grant to replace street lights with LED lighting to help lower those costs by 40 to 50-percent.  Robbins adds that other costs have also gone up.  He says back when Dale Robbins was supervisor, the cost for a new truck chassis was $60,000 to $70,000.  A bare chassis alone is now about $140,000. 

A Jamestown man has been arrested for allegedly receiving illegal drugs from Puerto Rico through the mail to be distributed in the area....  

U-S Attorney James Kennedy, Junior says 29 year-old Jeffrey Guzman-Suarez has been arrested and, was charged by criminal complaint with possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of  cocaine.  Prosecutors say a criminal complaint was filed after an ongoing review of mail at the Jamestown Post Office.  Postal Inspectors were alerted to a suspicious Priority Mail parcel addressed to Guzman-Suarez and, after that, they got a search warrant, and discovered a small portable charcoal grill.  Inside was an off-white, chunky substance in brick form that was wrapped in multiple layers of plastic, and cleaning wipes.  The substance was determined to be cocaine.  Back on October 11th, Guzman went into the Post Office and picked up another parcel and, then left the post office before being stopped by law enforcement officers and taken into custody. 


WJTN Headlines for Sat., Oct. 26, 2019

Route 60 in Jamestown named after Charles Cooper...
Route 60 in the city of Jamestown will now be known as the Private First-Class Charles S. Cooper, Junior Memorial Highway.  A scale model of the new signs to be installed soon was unveiled during a special ceremony at the Kiantone Fire Hall Friday afternoon.  It was attended by several local officials... as well as retired State Senator Cathy Young... who helped initiate legislation in the Senate to rename the roadway after Cooper.  PRC Cooper was the city's first casualty in Operation Iraqi Freedom in April of 2005.  Young says members of Cooper's generation reacted to the "9/11" Terror attacks like those who were part of the "Greatest Generation" that fought in World War-Two, because our freedom and way of life were in jeopardy.  She says members of this generation who volunteered to take up the fight against terrorism are "true American heroes."  Young began the push to get legislation approved for renaming the highway after Cooper while she was still in the Senate.  She was assisted by local Assemblyman Andy Goodell... who called the renaming a "permanent way" of honoring people like Charlie Cooper.  Several members of Cooper's family were on hand for the ceremony.  

Chautauqua County hosts early voting, starting today in three locations...
Early voting makes it's debut today, and, will be offered in Chautauqua County at three locations through Sunday, Nov. 3. County Election Commissioner Norm Green says the latest technology will be utilized.  Green says the entire county data base will be there on computer, and your district will be called up so you can cast your vote, no matter where you vote.  Early voting will take place at the Board of Elections in Mayville, the County Fairgrounds in Dunkirk and the Chautauqua Mall in Lakewood.  Hours today and tomorrow are Noon to 5 p.m.  Hours will also be available during the coming week.  Voters heading to the polls on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 5 will not see any changes from past elections, and will have to go to their local polling places where conventional poll books will continue to be used.

City man arrested by federal authorities after allegedly receiving large shipments of cocaine from Puerto Rico...
A Jamestown man has been arrested for allegedly receiving illegal drugs from Puerto Rico through the mail to be distributed in the area.  U-S Attorney James Kennedy, Junior says 29 year-old Jeffrey Guzman-Suarez has been arrested... and, was charged by criminal complaint with possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of  cocaine.  Prosecutors say a criminal complaint was filed after an ongoing review of mail at the Jamestown Post Office.  Postal Inspectors were alerted to a suspicious Priority Mail parcel addressed to Guzman-Suarez... and, after that... they got a search warrant, and discovered a small portable charcoal grill.  Inside was an off-white, chunky substance in brick form that was wrapped in multiple layers of plastic, and cleaning wipes.  The substance was determined to be cocaine.  Back on Oct. 11... Guzman went into the Post Office and picked up another parcel... and, then left the post office before being stopped by law enforcement officers and taken into custody. 

Robbins rebutts what he calls "misleading" statements by opponent on taxes in town of Busti...
Candidates are also running in most Chautauqua County towns and villages this Fall... including the town of Busti.  Two-term Supervisor Jesse Robbins is running for re-election on Nov. 5.  The Republican businessman says he has promoted holding the line on taxes, and sharing services during his nearly eight-years in office.  However... Robbins says his opponent has put out misleading information that adds all the town's Special Districts into the tax levy and rate.  He says the current year's levy is just over $1.19-million, and that will be the case in 2020.  He adds the tax rates are also the same in both the village of Lakewood, and the rest of the town.  Robbins says he wants to continue to make the town a good place to do business by continuing efforts to share services with neighboring municipalities -- such as Lakewood.  Robbins is being opposed by Democrat Rudy Mueller, who is currently a town board member. 

Rankin running for re-election to County Legislature...
The Republican incumbant for the District 12 seat on the Chautauqua County Legislature has announced she is running for re-election.  Elisabeth Rankin represents Jamestown's northside on the panel... and, says she has "worked extensively with residents across the county, and is keenly aware of key issues facing the County Legislature.  Her priorities include strengthening the economic environment, reducing the tax burden on all residents... small business owners, and those on a fixed income."  Rankin is a member of the County's Human Services committee.  She is currently the District Office Director for State Assemblyman Andy Goodell's Jamestown district office, where she focuses on constituent services. 

Jamestown man arrested for trying to cash fake check at Lakewood business...
A Jamestown woman was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly trying to cash a fake check at a convenience store in Lakewood.  Lakewood Busti Police were called to Don's Car Wash on Fairmount Avenue to investigate the incident back on Sept. 16.  Through investigation, officers say a warrant was issued for 39 year-old Nicole Hutchinson.... and, she was arraigned on charges of criminal possession of a forged instrument and third-degree attempted grand larceny.  Hutchinson was later released and is to appear in Busti Town Court at a later date.



News Bulletin for Thurs., Oct. 24, 2019

(**Alert!)Boil Water Order issued for BPU customers south of Hunt Road, and Orchard Rd. in West Ellicott...

A water main break in the town of Busti has prompted the Chautauqua County Department of Health to issue a boil water order for a portion of Busti between Big Tree Road and Southwestern Drive.  Board of Public Utilities Spokeswoman Becky Robbins says the area is south of Hunt Road -- and for Orchard Road in the Town of Ellicott.  The health department says water customers in the affected area are ordered to boil all water for drinking and cooking until further notice.  A main break at the BPU Water Pump Station at the corner of Shadyside and Hunt Road about 1:30 p.m. today caused the water system in the area to lose pressure.  Customers reported low water pressure, and in some cases no water.  When pressure is lost... it increases the chance that untreated water and harmful microbes could enter the system.  Robbins says customers should bring all water to a boil, let it boil for one minute and let it cool before using or use bottled water certified for sale by the State Health Department.  Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes and food preparation until further notice.


WJTN News Headlines for Oct. 24

A 2020 budget that contains an $0.08 increase in the county's full value tax rate, has cleared the Chautauqua County Legislature....  

Lawmakers approved the budget 15-4 Wednesday night, with Legislator Elizabeth Rankin of Jamestown among those who opposed the revised budget plan, supporting County Executive George Borrello’s tentative budget that called for a flat tax rate.  Audit and Control Committee Vice Chair Chuck Nazzarro of Jamestown calls for prudence when it comes to using fund balance.  Rankin, Terry Niebel, Martin Procter, and David Wilfong voted against the final budget.

A Jamestown man and woman have been arrested on drug trafficing charges for the second time in the past two months at the same location they were arrested back on September 6th....  

City Police Captain Bob Samuelson says members of the Jamestown Metro, and Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Forces, along with Ellicott and State Police, raided an upstairs apartment at 320 Newland Avenue just before 6 AM Wednesday and, arrested 35 year-old Richard Kinsey, and 23 year-old Brandi Whitford.

A third person from the September 6th raid, 39 year-old Terrance McRae, was not there.  Samuelson says the federal counts include significant jail time if the pair is convicted.  Samuelson says police also allegedly found more than 2 ounces of crystal methamphetamine, and about $2,000 in cash.  He says this is the same address where a stabbing incident occured late last week, but, he says the drug bust was not related to that, and that investigation is continuing.  If you have an information on illegal drug activity, you are asked to call the JPD Tips line at 483-TIPS. 

A Ripley woman faces charges for allegedly drinking and driving following a roll-over crash in the town of Ripley early Tuesday morning....  

Sheriff's Officers responded to NE Sherman Road shortly after 5AM and, found the operator -- 36 year-old Karri Treacle -- was in an intoxicated state.  She was taken into custody on charges including DWI, Speeding and Consumption of Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle.  Deputies say Treacle was released with citations and is to appear in Ripley Town Court on a later date. 

The city of Jamestown is continuing to live within it's budgeted revenues and expenses for this year, but there are some concerns heading into the fourth-quarter of 2019....  

City Comptroller Joe Bellitto updated City Council this week on the first nine-months of the year and, again voiced concern over expenses for the Public Works Department's Central Garage on Steele Street.  Bellitto says he's been getting updates from Fleet Manger Pat Monaghan.

As for revenues, Bellitto says the one main area of concern is four of the divisions of the Board of Public Utilities.  He says only one -- Water -- is exceeding budget after three-quarters.  Right now, he says payments in lieu of taxes from the BPU will be $50,000 under budget if trends continue.  Bellitto says the other revenue variable will be sales tax proceeds, which he says will come out the first week of November.  He adds that all salary accounts so far this year are "generally within budget."

The Chautauqua County Humane Society has announced the 15th annual Walk for Paws went off without a hitch! 

That from Community Relations Director Brian Papalia, who says -- despite a chilly October 5th day -- about 200 walkers attended the fundraiser with their pets and raised over $32,000 for the animals at the shelter.

Papalia appeared on The Dennis Webster Show yesterday morning with CCHS Executive Director Kellie Roberts.  She says they also have a new website -- CHQHumane.org.  Roberts says they decided they wanted to go with more "local branding" in their on-line presence.  Roberts says it's 'a great step forward for the organization' and anyone who may visit the old site will be re-directed to the new one.  The Chautauqua County Humane Society is also available on-line via their Facebook Page or by calling 665-2209. 

A painting that was stolen by the Nazis has been recovered from an upstate New York museum by the FBI....  

The work "Winter" by American artist Gari Melchers was part of the collection at the Arkell Museum in Canajoharie before it was recovered September 10th.  Court documents say German publisher and philanthropist Rudolf Mosse acquired the painting at the Great Berlin Art Exhibition in 1900.  The Nazi government seized control of the family's art collection after Mosse's family members fled Germany in 1933.  Suzan Friedlander, the museum's executive director and chief curator, told The Times Union the institution "was of course very upset to learn the history of the painting's seizure."  The FBI will hold the painting until it is reunited with the Mosse family.


WJTN News Headlines for Oct. 22, 2019

Once again this year, there is again little left to cut in the budget's for the city of Jamestown's two biggest departments....  

That from Public Safety Director and city Police Chief Harry Snellings during last night's City Council budget review.  Snellings asked lawmakers to consider adding up to three new officers next year to reduce annual IMPACT Payments when the number falls under 60.  He says, currently, they have 62, but two are retiring in 2020.

Snellings says he's also looking at filling one full-time administrative position because of changes in the state's "discovery laws"  Council also talked with Deputy Fire Chief Sam Salemme about his spending plan.  He says manpower is also an issue for him in the new year, with four firefighters out on long-term injury leave and, three others looking to retire.  A study by a national group indicated a few years back that Jamestown should have 15 to 16 firefighters on duty each shift for a city their size but, currently they have 9 or 10.  Lawmakers were supposed to review the public works and parks budgets last night but, will now do those on November 4th, prior to that night's work session.

A Jamestown man was arrested for allegedly stabbing himself in front of three young children, and hurting a police officer last weekend....  

City police were called to the upper apartment at 149 Superior Street for an out-of-control male last Saturday night.  On arrival, officers say they found 24 year-old Bryce Stahlman was allegedly intoxicated and, he pushed an officer down the stairs, injuring the officer.  Stahlman is accused of being combative during the entire incident, until he was taken into custody.  He was evaluated at UPMC Chautauqua Hospital and sent to the city jail on three-counts of endangering the welfare of a child, obstruction and reckless endangerment.  The JPD officer was also treated at UPMC Chautauqua and released from the with minor injuries. 

A drunk driver was arrested for allegedly leaving the scene of an  accident last Thursday night in the Town of Ellicott.....  

Town Police responded to the scene on Fairmount Avenue with Lakewood-Busti Police about 8 PM and, learned the victim reportedly followed the suspect to their residence in the city of Jamestown.  Further investigation identified the driver at 37 year-old Amy Baker, who was found to be intoxicated at the time of the crash.  Baker was taken into custody and is to appear in Ellicott Town Court at a later date. 

The two candidates running to replace Cathy Young in the New York State Senate differ on a lot of issues but, they have similar views on one matter that's been in the news -- vaping.... 

During a recent debate, Democrat Austin Morgan and Republican George Borrello both disagreed with Governor Andrew Cuomo's ban on the sale of flavored-electronic cigarettes.  Borrello fells the governor overreacted.

Borrello and Morgan also agreed on the need for regulation, with Morgan making the case for the state Health Department to step in.  Borrello says, a few years ago, Chautauqua County approved a local law setting the age that people can purchase tobacco and or Vaping product at 21 years.  Both Borrello and Morgan are vying for the seat that has been vacant since Young's resignation back in March.  

Another upcoming event in the city of Jamestown is celebrating an historic anniversary this year with the 35th annual Halloween Fun Fest at Allen Park....  

The city's Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Department is hosting the event at the former Allen Park Ice Rink on Halloween night, Thursday, October 31st from 6 to 8 PM.  Parks and Recreation Coordinator Julia Ciesla-Hanley says it's a nice alternative if the weather's less than ideal.

Ciesla-Hanley says they'll also have kids games, and refreshments.  She says those will be provided by Honest John's Restaurant,  Wegmans and Starbucks.  She adds they'll also have two kid's costume contests that night, at 6:45 and 7:45 PM.  They'll be preceeded by costume parades at 6:30 and 7:30 PM.  Ciesla-Hanley says each first-place winner will receive a new bicycle.  She says that people over the age of 12 must be accompanied by a child and, children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by a parent or adult.  Music will be provided by the local band "Take 2."  For more information, call 483-7523.


WJTN News Headlines for Oct. 21, 2019

No formal arrest has been made, but police have a suspect in connection with last weekend's stabbing incident on Jamestown's southside that's left a 27 year-old man in stable condition at an Erie, Pennsylvania hospital....  

City police Captain Bob Samuelson says otherwise... the investigation into the incident at 320 Newland Avenue is continuing.  City police and a fire rescue crew were called to the scene shortly before 3 AM Saturday on the report of a fight... and, found the unidentified victim.  The man was initially taken to UPMC Chautauqua Hospital... and, later transferred to UPMC Hamot in Erie, Pennsylvania. 

A city man has pleaded guilty to federal charge of receiving and possessing child pornography....  

U-S Attorney James Kennedy, Junior says 34 year-old Matthew Bailer entered the plea before Chief District Court Judge Frank Geraci, Junior.  Prosecutors say Jamestown Police received a complaint from a parent that her minor children may have been sexually abused by Bailer in July of 2018.  They say the parent stated that his sister told her about a series of "concerning pictures, sexual in nature," were sent on a Nokia cellular telephone used by Bailer.  He was later arrested on a warrant... and, law enforcement found hundreds of images and images of child pornography.  The charges carry a mandatory minimum of five years in prison, and a maximum of life.

A new application has been sent to the U-S Department of Transportation requesting that commercial air service be restored at the Chautauqua County Airport near Jamestown...  

County Executive George Borrello says the new application, with the help of Boutique Air, was sent out about a week ago.  Borrello says they have changed the "business model" extensively, with Boutique Air now committing to have a plane based in Jamestown.

Borrello says -- having been a frequent flyer during his business days -- he knew what draws business travelers when it comes to planes, and what service an airline provides.  He says they are continuing to work on getting more business and traveler support to eventually have a self-sustaining operation, that's a better alternative then going to another airport.  The loss of the federal government's Essential Air Service was the first, big issue that Borrello had to deal with when he first became county executive in January of last year.  He has been working with local, state and federal officials to try and get the service restarted here in Jamestown.

"It's probably beyond his wild imagination."

That's what Richard Carlson, a board member at the Martz-Kohl Observatory, said about Marshall Martz, the ribbon was cut on the fully renovated observatory that bears his name.  Carlson worked with Marshall Martz to build the observatory in the 1950's.  The ribbon cutting was held Saturday afternoon at the Robbin Hill Road location, outside Frewsburg. Fans, members, and elected officials gathered to celebrate the completion of a new visitors' center, and other improvements to the facility.  Gary Nelson, President of the Marshall Martz Memorial Astronomical Association, says the observatory is gaining a national reputation because it is one of the few that is 'fully' open to the public for viewing and use.  They are open to the public every Wednesday evening, except holidays.  

There will need to be "multi-partners" needed to work with Chautauqua County to get a new "Gateway Center" put up near the state line in the town of Ripley....  

That from County Executive George Borrello after last Friday's presentation of conceptual and artist renderings of a unique center that's both a rest stop, and place where people can learn more about the region, and what it offers.  Borrello says they hope New York state will be a player.

Borrello showed a simple sketch of his own for the center, which would combine features of a lighthouse, and a barn to high-light the area's Lake Erie shoreline, and heavy-agriculture influence.  He says the rest area would cost roughly $16-million but, he adds that others -- including a new one on Grand Island -- have cost more than $30-million.  The county commissioned a study that was just completed by consultant Clark, Patterson and Lee.  Borrello says the center would be unique in that it would be "self-sustaining and revenue generating." 

A pair of labor unions have endorsed Cattaraugus County Democrat Austin Morgan in his run for the 57th State Senate Seat....  

On Media One Radio Group's weekly "Community Spotlight" program, Morgan announced he has gotten the backing of the United Auto Workers of America.  Morgan expressed his appreciation for their standing with him when he stood with them in their recent strike.  He says they endorsed Cathy Young in the past but, have chosen him this time around.  In addition, Morgan announced that he has been unanimously endorsed by the Southwestern New York Building and Construction Trades Council, a group representing 15 different local unions in Western New York.  In a letter to the Freedom man's campaign, Council President Steven Thorpe of Sheet Metal Workers Local-#112 says their members believe Morgan is the one to carry on the legacy of the retired Cathy Young in the Senate.


WJTN Headlines for Sat., Oct. 19, 2019

Man in stable condition after stabbing early Saturday on Newland Avenue...'
An early morning stabbing has left a 27 year-old man in stable condition at an Erie, Pennsylvania hospital.  A Jamestown fire rescue crew and police were called to 320 Newland Ave. shortly before 3 a.m. on the report of a fight... which reportedly led to the stabbing.  The unidentified victim was initially taken to UPMC Chautauqua Hospital... and, later transferred to UPMC Hamot in Erie, Pennsylvania.  The investigation is continuing, but, no arrest has been reported at this time.

Thursday morning stabbing injures victim's arm...
A city woman faces assault charges for allegedly stabbing a man in the arm in front of a baby late Thursday morning.  Jamestown police were called to an East 5th Street home... and, found a male victim on the sidewalk bleeding with a stab wound to the right arm when they arrived.  Officers say they located the suspect -- 24 year-old Karina Johnson-Fontanez -- inside the home, where the incident reportedly happened in front of a five-month-old baby.  Johnson-Fontanez was jailed on charges including fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon... and, endangering the welfare of a child.

Prendergast Library board agrees to referendum next Spring on establishing a libary taxing district...
The James Prendergast Library is once again going to take its case for public funding directly to the community.  At the urging of the state, the Board of Trustees agreed Thursday to put the issue up for a vote next May.  Tina Scott, the Prendergast's Executive Director, says they are asking for the equivalent of the $350,000 they got from Jamestown in 2016... where the residents were paying 23-cents per thousand of assessed value.  However... that has been cut to 3-cents per thousand.  She says they are trying to get back to that 23-cent mark.  Approval of the referendum would open the door to more than $100,000 in state aid... and take the Prendergast's funding out of the city budget.  If the voters say 'no' Scott says they might have to leave their iconic location in downtown Jamestown because the utility costs alone there are $50,000 a year.  The last referendum for direct taxpayer funding was turned down in 2016... and the library's financial situation has deteriorated since.  Scott says they've cut staff dramatically and are drawing more from their endowment than they are earning. The referendum would be either be held in conjunction with the Jamestown School budget vote next May, or run separately around that same time.  

Wanted city man arrested after leading police on foot chase...
A wanted Jamestown man was arrested after jumping out of a window and leading city police on a foot chase last Thursday night.  Officers say they were called to 32 Broadhead Ave. for a fight when they saw the man allegedly jump out of the window in an attempt to flee just after 9:30 p.m.  Police say they lost contact with the suspect near the intersection of Broadhead and Prather Avenue... and, called K-9 Promber in to track the man.  The K-9 was able to find 20 year-old Randall Mesler-junior hiding inside a car in the parking lot at 116 South Main St. where he refused to leave the vehicle and resisted arrest.  Once in custody.... police say Mesler was found to have an outstanding probation warrant and was charged with obstruction and resisting arrest.  Further investigation revealed he was also involved in a domestic violence incident on Broadhead Ave., and, was later charged with felony criminal contempt and felony aggravated offense.

Conceptual designs unveiled for potential Ripley Gateway Center...
It will be "a Gateway Center -- with a twist."  Those are the feelings of Ripley Town Supervisor Doug Bowen during today's unveiling of the newest concept for a welcome center on Shortman Road in Ripley.  A study commissioned by Chautauqua County has been completed by Clark, Patterson and Lee, and RKG.  County Executive George Borrello says, though, that the center will be much more than a basic rest area off the State Thruway.  Borrello says it will include artisan products, fruits and vegetables, and sign ups for wine trails and other events.  He and others presented drawings and other conceptual renderings of the center... along with two potential locations... during a press conference at Meeder's Restaurant in Ripley.  It would include an observation tower that looks like a lighthouse you would see on Lake Erie... and other amenities.  Doug Bowen says it's much different than other proposals he's seen... because it would be designed to get people off the Thruway, and able to see what the area's all about.  Borrello says the facility would cost roughly $16-million to build... but, thats just half the cost of one recently put in on Grand Island.  He says it would be "self-sustaining and revenue-generating." 

Nazzaro announces he is seeking his seventh-term on the County Legislature...
Six-term Chautauqua County Legislator Chuck Nazzaro has announced that he's running for re-election to the panel's District 9 seat on the southside of Jamestown.  Nazzaro is a Democrat... who has also been endorsed by the Working Families and Independence parties.  Nazzaro is currently the legislature's Minority Leader... and, is Vice-Chairman of the Audit and Control Committee... the panel leading the county budget process.  He is also ranking member of the Public Facilities Committee and is a member of the Health Insurance Review Committee.  Nazzaro recently retired as Chief Financial Officer at UPMC Chautauqua Hospital... and, previously served three terms as a Jamestown City Councilman.



WJTN News Headlines for Oct. 18, 2019

A Jamestown woman was arrested for allegedly stabbing a person in front of an infant Thursday morning on the city's Eastside....  

Jamestown police were called to an East 5th residence just after 11:30 AM and, located a male victim on the sidewalk bleeding with a stab wound to the right bicep.  Officers say they found the suspect -- 24 year-old Karina Johnson-Fontanez -- inside the home, where the incident reportedly happened in front of a five-month-old baby.  Johnson-Fontanez was taken into custody for second-degree assault, endangering the welfare of a child and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon. 

Gusty winds from the "Nor-easter-type" storm that hit the northeastern U-S brought down a couple of large trees yesterday afternoon in the city of Jamestown....  

Public Works Director Jeff Lehman says DPW and Parks crews were called to the first location -- next to the Lind Funeral Home on West Third Street -- around 1 PM.  Lehman says a "Canopy Oak" fell on one end of a house.

The tree being downed led City Police to close one-lane of West Third Street while the scene was cleared.  Lehman said late yesterday afternoon that the falling tree punched a couple of holes in the roof.  He adds the other tree fell later in Dow Park -- across from the Prendergast Library on West Sixth Street.  Lehman says crews were cutting up and taking away the tree debris late yesterday.  Lehman says their older tree stock, and those that have shallower roots tend to be a concern this time of year, through Spring of the next year.  Again... no one was hurt.  County-wide, some smaller trees were knocked over, but, there was little or no significant damage.

Congress has lost a "very good man..." and one who was a true statesman....  

Those are the feelings of local Congressman Tom Reed on the passing of fellow House member Elijah Cummings.  Cummings died early Thursday morning following what were described as on-going health issues.  Reed says Cummings was a "proud Democrat" like he was a "proud Republican."  However, he says Cummings always wanted to do what was right.

Reed says his heart goes out to Cummings' wife, who testified some time back before the Social Security Committee the Corning Republican sits on.  Another figure from the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, John Lewis, says "Americans have lost a great leader at a time of crisis in our democracy."  Lewis credits the powerful chairman of the House Oversight committee with leading the nation to a place where it's understood that reform is urgently required.

New York state should restore it's funding promised to help with maintenance of Chautauqua Lake but, which State Senate candidate would do it best?  

That was debated at this week's candidates forum at Jamestown Community College between County Executive George Borrello, the Republican candidate and, Democrat Austin Morgan from Freedom.  Borrello says he will hold Governor Andrew Cuomo accountable for not funding from the Chautauqua Lake Association.

Borrello touted being able to lobby with local Congressman Tom Reed, to get necessary repairs underway for the state Thruway section that runs through the Seneca Nation's Cattaraugus Reservation.  Morgan says it's better to have someone in the majority Party that's able to get such items back in the state budget.

Morgan says a lot of items championed by Cathy Young got into the annual budget because she was part of the GOP Majority Leadership in the Senate.  Young, a Republican from Olean, retired suddenly earlier this year, leaving her seat vacant, and triggering a Special Election.

A state organization that adovcates for small business across the nation has announced that it's political action committee is endorsing Republican George Borrello for the state Senate...  

The National Federation of Independent Businesses -- or NFIB -- says New York's small and independent businesses "employ half of our state’s workforce, provide stability in our communities, and drive local economies in every corner of New York State, particularly across the Southern Tier."  Borrello says he "is honored to receive the support of the NFIB and the hardworking members of the business community that they represent."  

The public is invited to see the latest renovations at the Martz-Kohl Observatory on Saturday.....  

Gary Nelson, President of the Marshall Martz Memorial Astronomical Association, says they're going to have a ribbon cutting at 2 PM to celebrate the completion of a $44,000 renovation project.  The observatory has added a new education room, planetarium, and welcome center.  They also have new bathrooms, a kitchen and a new parking lot.  The observatory, at 176 Robin Hill Road in Frewsburg, will be open to the public for a couple of hours after the 2 PM ribbon cutting on Saturday.  The Lenna, Sheldon and Chautauqua Region Community Foundations all contributed to the latest project at the observatory, which Gary Nelson says is one of the largest  in the East that is open to the public.  

The Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center hosted a Cancer Survivor Event last night in Celoron in memory of a former Media One Group employee.....  

Dr. Meghan Pailler, with Roswell's Department of Psychology, says those attending the Rick Brodowski Jamestown Area Cancer Patient and Survivor Workshop learned a lot about how to cope with Cancer.

Rick Brodowski was Media One's Station Manager, who passed away in September following a battle with cancer.  Dr. Pailler says her discussion goes beyond the physical aspects and addresses all the impacts of the disease.  The Workshop was held at Chautauqua Harborfront Hotel in Celoron.  For more information on their programming, visit RoswellPark.org.

The three candidates for mayor of Jamestown squared off last night in their last big debate before Election Day.....  

Nearly 100 people were on hand for the live, one-and-a-half hour long forum on WRFA-FM.  Topics ranged from dealing with the budget proposed by Mayor Sam Teresi, to funding for the Prendergast Library.  The forum was hosted by WRFA News and Public Affairs Director Jason Sample.  Our Terry Frank was on the panel to ask questions, along with WNY News Now's Justin Gould.  The debate will be re-broadcast here on WJTN this Saturday afternoon.  The debate replay will follow the Noon News from ABC.


News Bulletin for Wed., Sept. 16, 2019

**News Alert - Ashville woman found dead in town of Harmony...

From the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office: on October 16th, 2019 at around 5:13pm, missing person Diana Chase was located deceased. Mrs. Chase was located in a wooded area near Hoag Road in the Town of Harmony. The cause of death appeared to be natural. The Sheriff's Office extends condolences to Mrs. Chase's family. The Sheriff's Office was assisted in the search by the NYS DEC Forest Rangers, the New York State Police, Lakewood Busti Police, Corry Police, Pennsylvania State Police, the New York State Department of Corrections, Chautauqua County EMS, Fire coordinators, numerous volunteer fire departments and individual volunteers. The Sheriff's Office is grateful to all the people and agencies who assisted in this search.


WJTN News Headlines for Oct. 16, 2019

The two candidates seeking to replace retired New York state Senator Cathy Young in Albany sparred on a number of issues during their first -- and only face-to-face debate in Jamestown last night....  

County Executive George Borrello -- the Republican candidate -- faced off again Freedom Democrat Austin Morgan during an hour-long forum at Jamestown Community College.  Borrello says the most pressing issue in Albany is standing up to the "radial left" agenda of Governor Cuomo and the legislature.

On the other hand,  Morgan -- a recent graduate of Cornell University -- says his background of having been raised by in a rural, middle class family, will bring a needed voice that Senate Majority Democrats need to hear.

Morgan, who was a Senate Aide at one time,spoke about the importance of having someone in the majority -- especially when it comes to budget time.  However, Borrello pointed to his standing with local Congressman Tom Reed to finally get the state to begin working to repair the Thruway that runs through the Seneca Nation's Cattaraugus Reservation.

The candidate's forum at JCC's Weeks Reception Room began with a debate among the three candidates for Jamestown Mayor before a standing-room only audience....  

Republican David Wilfong, Democrat Eddie Sundquist, and Liberterian candidate Andy Liuzzo addressed a number of issues, including the need to grow the city's tax base if it's to meet it's financial obligations.  They also talked about the need to somehow fund the on-going operations at the financially-strapped Prendergast Library.  More on that forum later today.  In addition to the League of Women voters, the forums were also sponsored by the local chapter of the American Association of University Women, and the Political Science Club at JCC.

Now that early voting will begin in Chautauqua County a week from this Saturday... elections officials hope the added days will help boost turnout....  

County Board of Elections Commissioners Norm Green and Brian Abram recently spoke about the early voting process and, Green says they hope that the addition of early voting will help get more voters out to the polls during an off-year election.

Abram says they won't know the impact of early voting for a few years.  There will be three polling sites in the county that will be open during early voting, starting on Saturday, October 26th and continuing until the first Sunday in November.  You can get more information about early voting from the Chautauqua County Board of Elections at Vote Chautauqua.com.


A 32 year-old woman was arrested for allegedly leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident and drunk driving in the village of Celoron late Monday night...  

Ellicott Town Police were called to the scene on West 5th and Allegheny Avenues just before 11:30 PM and, a witness reported seeing the female driver get out of the vehicle and leave on foot.  On arrival, the woman ran from the scene and was found a short distance away.  She was identified as Kylie Pavolko, and, was taken into custody on additional charges of felony DWI and aggravated unlicensed operator.  Chautauqua County Sheriff's Deputies and Lakewood-Busti Police assisted in the investigation. 

Officials at a regional school in Cattaraugus County that works with children who have mental and physical health issues has taken the wraps off a new, 6,900-suqare foot playground....  

The $270,000 project at Randolph Academy Union Free School District was recently completed, and is now being used by district students.  Randolph Academy School Superindent Lori DeCarlo says it's designed to help students overall well-being.

DeCarlo says the school board had antipicated the project coming, and the cost also includes some drainage work and a new retaining wall that had to be constructed before the actual playground could move forward.  She says the firm's involved in the project got lots of input from students and teachers at the school when they created the playground.  With it's special design and features, DeCarlo says the playground will not only provide students with some physical activity, but will help those with mental issues -- such as ADHD -- do better in class.  The Randolph Academy is not affiliated with the Randolph Central Schools and, the playground is also available to the public outside of normal school hours.

The city and Allen Park Women's Club have now been able to make a much-needed upgrade to the kitchen building on the upper end of the park....  

Mayor Sam Teresi and Allen Park Women's Club President Carol Drake recently hosted the unveiling of new playground equipment in that area of the park, as well as $17,000 in improvements for the kitchen facililty.

Mayor Sam Teresi says the women's club, along with a generous donation from the Zanetta family, and funding from the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation helped finance the project.  Teresi urges residents to support the Allen Park Women's Club when they do their fund-raisers -- namely selling refreshments during the Summer Concert Series.  The new playground equipment in the upper end of Allen Park was unveiled to the public back on October 1st.  The city put in about nearly 6-thousand dollars worth of parts and labor for both projects.

The United Way of Southern Chautauqua County has had a busy month since their initial kickoff and, has now reached 17-percent of their $1.33-million General Campaign goal....  

Executive Director Amy Rohler says they reached that total thanks to their "Gamechangers" campaign, along with their annual "Scan Campaign" at Wegman's supermarket in West Ellicott.  In addition, Rohler says Community Banks in the area presented a $4,000 check to the United Way, which doubles the amount the banks contributed to the campaign last year.  She adds that they have already made several campaign presentations at local employers, including The Resource Center, Wegman's and Tops Markets.  Rohler says staff is available to make presentations -- including their brief video -- at others, as well.  For more information, call 483-1561, or go on-line to UwaysCC.org.


WJTN News Headlines for Oct. 15, 2019

The search is continuing for a missing woman with Alzheimer's Disease in the Panama/Ashville area.... 

The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office is releasing more information about a 74 year-old Ashville woman who has Alzheimer's Disease and went missing Sunday afternoon.  Deputies say Diana Chase of the Blockville-Watts Flats Road was last seen about 1:30 PM and, may be in need of medical attention.  It's believed that Diana walked away from her home sometime between 1:30 and 7 PM Sunday.  Officers say she is about 5-foot-2 inches tall and, weighs about 160 pounds.  She was wearing a light-colored hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, and black slip on shoes.  Officers have been joined by several local poice and fire departments in the search.  If you have any information, call the Sheriff's Office at 661-7232, or call 9-1-1.

An Olean woman was arrested for endangering the welfare of a child and trespassing Sunday night....  

City Police were called to a residence on Prospect Street shortly before 9 PM for an unwanted person.  During the investigation, officers determined 21 year-old Kaylee Hicks allegedly entered the home without permission and kicked the victim in the face, in front of a child.  Hicks was sent to the city jail pending arraignment. 

The city of Jamestown needs to create more "shovel-ready" industrial sites to encourage expansion for local business and, to bring in new ones....  

Those are the feelings of Republican Mayoral candidate David Wilfong, who says it's time to tear down old, abandoned, multi-story industrial buildings to leave more property for development.  The current County Legislator says this is what he's heard from business leaders and, he adds that his three-terms of experience with the county will be a benefit.

From a business stand-point, Wilfong says that if the city had enough land, they might have kept the Stannard Group, which owns Naco Trucking, which had to move outside the city to find the 26-acres of land they needed to house all of their business interests.  Current Mayor Sam Teresi told us several weeks ago that they were aware, but, didn't have the land to package for Stannard's proposal.  Wilfong says he was going to wait until he retired to run for mayor, but with Teresi not running again, he decided now was the time. 

Jamestown Mayor Candidate David Wilfong has announced that he is resigning from his position as Chautauqua County Republican Committee Chairman to focus on his campaign....  

In a printed statement Monday, Wilfong said his resignation will be effective today and, adds "it's been an honor and privilege to serve the past three years as chairman of the Chautauqua County Republican Committee.  But, I feel that at this time, that I must focus all my energy on my candidacy for Mayor."  Wilfong is currently serving third term as District 11 Chautauqua County Legislator and, is director of Maintenance for Intandem Solutions, formerly known as the Rehabilitation Center in Olean.  Current Vice-Chairman Allan Hendrickson of West Ellicott will replace Wilfong as county chairman.

Two of the biggest and most competitive races in this year's election will be high-lighted during tonight's League of Women Voters forum to be held at Jamestown Community College...  

The debates featuring the candidates for Mayor of Jamestown and, 57th State Senate seat, begins at 7 PM in the Sarita Weeks Reception Room.  The mayoral candidates include Democrat Eddie Sundquist, Republican David Wilfong, and Libertarian Andrew Liuzzo.  On the senate side, Republican George Borrello faces off with Democrat Austin Morgan.

In announcing his proposed 2020 Dunkirk City budget last Friday, Mayor Wilfred Rosas indicated he will be working on the continuation of transitional aid from Albany....  

While the city has been looking at ways to increase revenues since the closing of the NRG power plant in 2016 -- and a study will be getting underway on possible future uses of the facility -- Rosas says there is still a need to continue the transitional aid.

Rosas says he has included transitional aid in the 2020 budget, and that has helped the city to hold the line on the tax rate.  He says they are also expecting transitional aid in 2021.  Rosas says he is confident they can reach an agreement with state leaders to continue the aid.  The mayor's budget proposal calls for no change to the city tax rate of $17.25 per thousand of assessed value.   

It was a successful grand opening for a new retail outdoors chain in the Jamestown-area, which concluded Sunday....  

Running's held the formal opening of it's first Chautauqua County store located at 720 East Fairmount Avenue in West Ellicott -- at the former Sam's Club.  Store Manager Rob Szymandera says they have been "well-received..." even before they held their soft opening in late September.

Szymandera says Runnings is "an outdoor... farm... and, sporting goods store."  He say about the only things you can't get are "bread, milk, and lumber."  The manager says now that they are through the grand opening, they'll be doing a little more on line.  Szymandera says the West Ellicott Runnings Store is open seven-days a week and for more information, call 296-0529.  You can also go on-line to Runnings.Com/JamestownNY

A city man faces charges for allegedly operating his Cub Cadet mower while intoxicated early Monday morning....  

Jamestown police say they stopped the mower just after 2 AM for driving on the sidewalk along Prendergast Avenue and Strong Street.  During the Investigation,  the operator -- 46 year-old Alberto Santiago -- was reportedly in an intoxicated  condition and was taken to the Jamestown City Jail where he refused a chemical test.  Santiago is to appear in city court at a later date for DWI, Driving on Sidewalk and Unnecessary Noise. 


WJTN News Headlines for Oct. 14, 2019

The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help in locating a missing vulnerable adult this morning...  

Officials say 74 year-old Diana Chase was last seen on Blockville Flatts Road in the Village of Panama at 1:30 PM yesterday.  Diana Chase has Alzheimer's disease and was last seen wearing blue pajama pants, a grey hooded sweatshirt and walks with a cane.  Officials say she has short blonde hair, blue eyes and is just over 5-feet tall. Anyone with information of Diana's whereabouts is asked to contact the Sheriff's Office at 753-2131 or dial 9-1-1. 

A farm accident in the north county early last weekend claimed the life of a Fredonia man....  

State Police say a trooper on patrol was flagged down on Route 60 about 4 PM.  The officer investigated and, found that 50 year-old Daniel Hunt of Spoden Road was southbound on 60 in his 1976-model tractor when he turned onto a farm access road.  However, the trooper says the tractor went into an embankment, striking a tree then rolled coming to rest on top of Hunt.  Police say Hunt was pronounced at the scene by the Chautauqua County Coroner. 

An Olean man has been sentenced to more than 15 years in federal prison after being convicted on one count of receiving Child Pornography....  

U-S Attorney James Kennedy, Junior in Buffalo has announced that 30 year-old Jacob Tunison received the 188-month term from U.S. District Judge Richard Arcara.  Prosecutors say that, in November of 2018, Tunison used Facebook to communicate with a girl who was under the age of 16.  They say he sent numerous lewd images of himself to the minor and solicited the minor to produce and send him pictures of herself.  The Jamestown Office of the FBI, and Cuba Police Department assisted in the investigation.

Local Congressman Tom Reed is supporting President Trump's decision to withdraw about 50 military advisors and troops from northern Syria before Turkey began an invasion of Kurdish-held territory....  

However, the Corning Republican says he still has some concerns about the move, which took place last week.  On Sunday, the administration also announced that U-S forces would be moving it's remaining troops in the region southward.  There were also hints of the U-S possibly getting out of Syria all together, something Reed says needs to be considered.

Late Sunday, Syrian Kurdish officials said they will now work with the country's central government in Damascus to fend off Turkey's offensive.  The president was blasted by members of Congress on both sides of the political aisle by the move, but Reed says if Congress wants to change it, lawmakers can take a vote.  Many are saying the U-S betrayed the Kurds, who helped keep thousands of ISIS fighters imprisoned in the region.  Reed says what happens to those ISIS fighters is a concern to the U-S.

The New York State Capitol's second floor is bustling as the governor works on his budget proposal due in January....  

The legislative session may be a season away, but lobbyists are already stalking the halls and pitching their funding priorities to Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has broad power over the state's $175.5-billion dollar spending plan.  One big issue this year will be Medicaid spending. New York had delayed paying a $1.7 billion bill until fiscal year 2020 to avoid breaking a spending cap.  Other looming issues include possibly legalizing recreational marijuana sales to adults, which Cuomo has called a priority for the next session.  Albany will also see a push to tax the wealthy from activists and newly elected lawmakers on the left who ran on tackling economic inequality.

Dunkirk city lawmakers wil consider a $24.7-million budget this Fall that includes no tax increase and no increase in fees for 2020...  

Mayor Willie Rosas released his tentative spending plan last Friday afternoon, which he says does include about $700,000 in added spending.  Rosas says the budget includes six more positions in city government.

Rosas says four of the positions are in Department of Public Works, and one each in the police and fire departments.  He says the budget is balanced, as it needs to be in New York state, and the city of Dunkirk.

National Grid says it'll immediately begin connecting over 1,100 customers denied service after New York rejected an application for a new pipeline...  

The Public Service Commission order late last week calls on the company to connect those customers.  The commission's chair says the law requires utilities to provide gas service without delay when there's sufficient supply.  Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo says the pipeline wouldn't be in service until at least next year. 


WJTN Headlines for Sat., Oct. 12, 2019

North County man killed in tractor accident in Pomfret... 
A Fredonia man was killed after he was pinned when his tractor rolled Friday afternoon.  New York State Police say 50 year-old Daniel Hunt of Spoden Road was operating the Tractor southbound on Route 60 when he attempted to make a left turn onto his farm access road around 4 p.m. when the right front tire dropped off the road and rolled over the embankment, pinning him underneath the vehicle.  Hunt was pronounced dead at the scene.  Two excavators were used to lift the tractor.  Firefighters from Fredonia and Cassadaga assisted at the scene.

City fire crews make quick work of fire in piles of tires on northside...
Quick work by Jamestown firefighters prevented serious damage to an abandoned home next to piles of tires that caught fire and burned early Thursday night.  City Fire Battalion Chief Matt Coon says crews were called to the scene at 875 Lafayette St. about 5:15 p.m., and, found heavy, black smoke coming from the site.  Coon says crews had the flames under control in about 15 minutes, and preserved the house.  He says there was just some minor exposure damage to one side of the home.  Coon says their biggest concern was the fact a live power line to the house came down during the fire... and, they had to call in the Board of Public Utilities to take care of it.  Coon says crews were at the scene for about two-hours... but, no off-shift was needed.  No one was hurt.  The cause remains under investigation.  Jamestown police also assisted at the scene.

Olean man receives 15 years, eight-months in prison on Child Porn conviction...
An Olean man has been sentenced to more than 15 years in federal prison after being convicted on one count of receiving Child Pornography.  U-S Attorney James Kennedy, Jr. in Buffalo has announced that 30 year-old Jacob Tunison received the 188-month term from U.S. District Judge Richard Arcara.  Prosecutors say that, in November of 2018, Tunison used Facebook to communicate with a girl who was under the age of 16.  They say he sent numerous lewd images of himself to the minor and solicited the minor to produce and send him pictures of herself.  The Jamestown Office of the FBI, and Cuba Police Department assisted in the investigation.

Independent Health opens new Medicare Information Center in Lakewood...
Several "red-shirted" people were on hand for the ribbon cutting on a new Medicare Information Center opened by Independent Health in downtown Lakewood.  Officials with Independent Health, Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello, and Acting Lakewood Mayor Ted McCague were on hand to officially open Independent Health's new facility to help local seniors and others with Medicare services.  Independent Health's President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Cropp the opening is timely because Medicare Open Enrollment is now underway through Dec. 7.  Cropp says Independent Health worked hard to obtain the former Post Office on Chautuauqua Avenue, and get it ready for the opening.  The regional health company has been in the immediate Jamestown-area for two decades... and, Acting Lakewood Mayor Ted McCague is pleased they're remaining in the area.  Borrello also was on hand to welcome Independent Health to it's new location.  The center is open through the end of Medicare enrollment on December 7th from Monday through Fridays from 9 AM to 5 PM.  The phone number is 635-4900.

New Runnings store in West Ellicott holds Grand Opening...
The ribbon has been cut on a new outdoors retail store in the Jamestown-area, selling fishing, camping and farm equipment.  The official grand opening for Runnings was held Thursday at the store's 720 East Fairmount Ave. location as part of a five-day kick-off for the Minnesota-based retailer.  Store Manager Rob Szymandera says they're excited to be open... and, says people were inquiring about the store even before they held their "soft opening."  Szymandera says they had people in line when they had that a couple of weeks before the ribbon cutting.  Szymendera says the Grand Opening continues through Sunday night at their new location.  Hours for Runnings are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays through Fridays... 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays... and, 9 to 6 on Sunday.

Montanez ordered bound over for Grand Jury in shooting death...
A Jamestown man, who has been charged with first-degree manslaughter in last Sunday's shooting death of a Mayville man in the village of Sherman, has been ordered held for grand jury action.  Chautauqua County District Attorney Patrick Swanson says that a preliminary hearing was held Thursday for 25-year-old Julio Montanez, and that a Sherman Town justice ordered him returned to the Chautauqua County Jail.   Montanez allegedly shot 29-year-old Justin Gibbons multiple times during an altercation in the area of 114 West Main Street in the village.  Swanson says he has up to 45 days to present the case to a grand jury. 

Limo involved in fatal crash in Eastern NY had not had needed brake work done...
A former repair shop manager says brake work was billed but not performed on the stretch limousine that crashed five months later in upstate New York, killing 20 people.  The former manager of a Mavis Discount Tire shop told investigators in a September 17th interview that a brake master cylinder was invoiced but not installed at the time of a May 2018 inspection.  The 2001 Ford Excursion limo blew through an intersection and crashed in rural Schoharie County on October 6.  The interview was disclosed by Schoharie County District Attorney Susan Mallery this week in a letter to lawyers for the limo company.



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The latest round of early Winter weather reached the Jamestown-area late last night with freezing rain and sleet turning into all snow....   This storm moved in from the west by early afternoo...

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